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adèlephi' talks to the 9-11!

On June 2022, 20th, adèlephi' has been mandated by the M. Cohn Elementary school to talk to a class of CM1-CM2.

This is the first workshop within a public school. The first workshop also to focus on a gender-mixed group aged of 9 to 11 years old.

Let's go back in time to highlight this audacieux project which could not have happened without the trust of the Director and the schoolteacher.

La Ronde Informative • Soleya • Le Twist'Creatif • Tou.te.s en scène • Koalaxation

To the program of this half-day workshop: discussion and debate, movement and body expression, creativity and self-expression activities, rôle-playing games and improvisation, a lot of laughs and a caring communication.

By participation to this workshop, 25 school students, girls and boys, have discovered, learnt, shared,testified, listened, interacted and built together a new future. For a better knowledge of their body and a greater understanding of the changes that are already taking place. To accept those changes and welcome them with joy rather than apprehension. To initiate a dialogue with each other in order to acknowledge what connects us like what differentiates us.

Would you like to plan a workshop within your institution? Send us your request by e-mail at

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