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The Inclusive Tie

adelephi' engages with localities through actions of distribution and information.

We carry the vision of an eco-responsible and interdependant world in which the costs associated with menstrual cycles are absorbed by public institutions; to achieve universal accessibility to first need sustainable period products.


The Inclusive Tie initiative meets two objectives:

  1. Represent women's health issues in public organizations

  2. Inform young people about the hormonal, physical and emotional changes related to their cycle so that they explore it and live it in the best way possible

Note that when we talk about cycles, men and boys are as much concerned as women and girls. Each human being is governed by an internal cycle, and knowing the functioning of it seems fundamental to us.


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Self-knowledge through experience

Our interventions aim to raise awareness from an early age of caring and self-knowledge, starting by informing about the female and male cycles.

In this context, we are also working to include boys at the heart of subjects labeled as "feminine" so that all understand the need for mutual apprehension. 

We surround ourselves with professionals with whom we work in public and private establishments in order to:

  • Guarantee access to durable periodic protection for all
  • Offer information and self-knowledge tools

  • Accompany young girls in the apprehension of physical, emotional and hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle.

Would you like to organize an intervention in your establishment?Contact us.


During our initiatives, young girls will receive an Sustainable and informative kit, an ideal tool to accompany them throughout this new phase of their existence.

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