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The Witch Gang

Led by women, The Witch Gang is a collective of enthusiastic newbie and professional artists. This collective has the ambition to create new representation of women, feminist and trans-feminist's issues in a bold and inclusive approach.

Feminine intuition at the service of creativity

Art is both a creator of bonds and a vector of messages. A free and open-thinking which spans generations and leave an imprint in the flesh and memory. A tool to express, share and pass on to which we all have access. Through The With Gang, we want to encourage artistique expression that initiates long-lasting changes, more respectful of the living.

The idea is to collaboratively create works with and for the youngest; contributing to the representation of feminist and trans-feminist imaginations.


Artists, intermittent performers, creators, technicians, self-taught or young students, adèlephi' is mobilizing with you to create heterogeneous and eco-feminist works together!

Each project will participate in the financing of the distribution actions of the First Moon kits.

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