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Un Regard
Our vision

Administered by women to support the youngest, adèlephi' is a non-governmental organization embracing the vision of a world where adelphity* is the initiator of social and sustainable changes.

A world where pedagogy is a story of inclusive and free transmission. A world where the knowledge of our body is a matter of self-awareness.


Our mission

Our goal is to promote adelphity in a holistic approach.

We are building a network based on the plurality of Beings with the ambition, through our actions, to create bonds where everything seems to separate us.

We are a movement in favor of the affirmation of difference, at the service of fulfillment.

Our actions allow us to:

  • De-objectify the bodies

  • Promote exchanges and communication

  • Encourage artistic expression

  • Improve the visibility of women's issues and the plural représentation of feminity in the societal sphere

  • Inform and raise awareness

  • Become a spokesperson for women's health with public organizations

Our community

adelephi is empowered by collective and creative mobilization, respectful of the living.

We believe that it is through the actions and voices of women that a metamorphosis of the world is possible. It is for this reason that we call on all femininities to join us.

*adelphity, feminine noun

A word formed from the Greek root adelph- which gave the Greek words sister and brother. A coined word, therefore, to define a feeling between fraternity and sorority. A feeling of unconditional solidarity beyond gender, between living beings.


“What you perceived as an echo, then a whisper;
now is a voice that speaks to the soul of humanity.
Be aware. Be conscious.
Marion Rossini


Our initiatives


For universal accessibility to first need products and knowledge.


For an affirmation of the Self in respect of the living.


For new representations of feminine and trans-feminine issues.

Bonds of trust
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Mairie de Viry
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The Letter of Adelphity

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Notre mission
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