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The Club Phi' workshops highlighted on the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré

Following the Club Phi' workshops at MJC of Viry (France, 74), adèlephi' is honore to Receive Catherine MELLIER, Director and journalist for one of the daily newspaper the most read of the région.

In February already, a small insert presented the first gender-mixed workshop dedicated to the feminine and masculine cycles.Encouraged by this success which raised many curiosities, the Director requested a meeting to talk more in depth about the organisation and its vision.

During this meeting, we mentionne the reasons that motivated the founding members, Marion et Aurélie, to launch adèlephi'. The reasons why also, it is crucial to talk about the hormonal cycles at a young age. And how they believe we can initiale long-casting changes in our way of thinking, working, and interact with others.

This is the driving motivation behind adelphity.

Do you want to learn more about this interview? Read the article below!

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